Invoice Financing

Invoice financing is a type of short-term financing where the suppliers or contractors can finance receivables using their confirmed invoices or contracts.  Mandalay Capital provides financing for the open account sales of the supplier (“Borrower”) by advancing funds prior to receipt of proceeds from the buyer on invoice due date.

Mandalay Capital Supply Chain Financing is a convenient business loan available for the suppliers or distributors helping you better sustain and manage your cash flow to expand your business.

Loan Amount

Margin of finance – up to 90% of invoice amount

Loan LifeTime

Tenor – 30 days to 180 days (with subject to review on case by case)

Rates and Fees

Please contact us for further information

What do we need to apply?

Business / Company Profile

  • Completed Import Invoice Financing (Purchase) Application Form
  • Request Cover Letter with Company Letterhead
  • Commercial invoice / sales contract
  • Shipping documents (Bill of Lading / Air waybill / Packing List)
  • Master purchase agreement
  • Past Sales Contract or Invoices (minimum 3 invoices or contract)
  • Company Certificate of incorporation or Company License
  • Company Extract
  • Directors’ resolution (meeting minutes)
  • Company Audited Financial Statements (minimum 2 years)
  • Tax returns (minimum 2 years)

Personal Profile

  • Applicant’s NRC / FRC or valid Passport
  • Household Registration and proof of residence (utility bills)
  • Two Passport Photos
  • Reference letters from respective ward administration office

Frequently Ask Questions

How much money could I get using Invoice Financing?

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  • It depends on your contracts and outstanding invoices that have been verified.

What is the tenor of Invoice Financing and can I Rollover?

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  • The funding period is between 30 days and 180 days. You can Rollover your loan up to 360 days pending management approval.

How many years of credit history do I need to have to get an Invoice Finance facility?

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  • Here’s the really good question: an extensive credit history is at least 2 years for Invoice Finance! Minimum 2 years Audited Financial Statements with proven track records in the industry A Must.

How do I know my outstanding loan amount?

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  • We will send it to you with email on a monthly basic.

What is invoice verification and why is it necessary?

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  • As part of our due diligence process, we need to assure that there aren’t any discrepancies with the invoice you’ve uploaded or submitted. This includes checking that the invoice is approved and that all details are correct for strict KYC and verification purpose. For example, validation of master contracts and agreements along with POs (Payment Order) and Bank Statements.