Commercial Loan

Mandalay Capital offers commercial or business loans to promote development, increase business growth and to develop working capital within Myanmar.  Mandalay Capital is providing SME business loans to boost and encourage actual SME business entrepreneurs.  Mandalay Capital provides much needed financing to fund major capital expenditures and/or cover operational costs of the SME business to access in a flexible, easy and quick way. 

Loan Amount

Maximum loan amount is up to MMK 500 millions

Loan Period

Repayment period of 1 year


Monthly or quarterly interest repayment

Loan Type

With or without collateral

What do we need to apply?

Business / Company Profile

  • Company Certificate of incorporation or Company License
  • Company Extract
  • Directors’ resolution (meeting minutes)
  • Company Audited Financial Statements (minimum 2 years)
  • Tax returns (minimum 2 years)
  • Business Plan (including cash flow projection)
  • Cover letter with company letterhead for purpose of loan

Personal Profile

  • Applicant’s NRC / FRC or valid Passport
  • Household Registration and proof of residence (utility bills)
  • Two Passport Photos
  • Reference letters from respective ward administration office

Frequently Ask Questions

Is a startup company eligible to apply?

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  • Generally speaking: No. An SME with minimum 2 year experience is eligible to apply. However Mandalay Capital will consider the urgency of application based on supplementary documents and other macroeconomic situations otherwise.

The business has been running for 2 years, but the tax has been paid only for a year. (In some cases, not even a year.) Is such a business eligible to apply?

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  • Yes. For those businesses that have not paid tax yet, they can apply for a loan after paying withholding tax.

Although the business operation is for a longer period, the business has only one year of official business license. Can such a business still be eligible to apply for a loan?

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  • Yes. It is necessary to present completed financial statements or records and other supporting documents for the last 3 years. The business with only 1 year formal business license can apply for a loan if the business has been running for a considerable amount of time.

What ratio can I get for the collateral?

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  • The ratio depends on the type of collateral and nature of business but the general loan to collateral ratio that can be applied is 60%.

Which properties can Mandalay Capital accept as collateral for loans?

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  • Land and buildings
  • Gold and other jewelries
  • Goods (Agricultural products, Consumer products, equipment and machineries, etc.)
  • Government Contracts, Multilateral Projects, etc.
  • Other movable properties such as cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.

Can I still apply for a commercial loan if I don’t have any collateral to provide?

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  • Yes, you can still apply for a commercial loan without collateral but you need to pay Risk Premium. You will also need to provide supporting business plan with cash flow analysis.

What is the interest rate for Commercial Loan?

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  • Depending on loan type, interest rates are varied. Please check the relevant loan type for specific interest rate and you can enquiry at

What is loan period?

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  • Depending on loan type, the loan period can be between minimum 1 year and maximum 3 years.

How do I apply for Commercial Loan?

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  • There are documents required for each loan so please check the loan type that you want to apply on Mandalay Capital website and check the requirements. Then, you can easily apply through